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Winter 2018 Edition
Welcome to our online alumni newsletter!


Dinner tickets, tribute pages and sponsorships will be available at RabbiSoloffTribute.com soon!


Ramah Reunions

We look forward to welcoming Nivonim 2006 and Nivonim 1994 to their reunions at camp in 2019!


Nivonim 2006 13th Reunion
June 21-23, 2019
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Nivonim 1994 25th Reunion
July 19-21, 2019
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Alumni Profile: Tomer, Leelach and Leeatt Rothschild

When Tova Rothschild, an Israeli educator living in Milwaukee, took a summer teaching job at Ramah in 1984, she had no way of know knowing how significantly the decision would impact her family.

That summer, her eldest, Tomer, became a camper in Solelim. His two younger sisters, Leelach and Leeatt were in Rishonim, at the time referred to as “staff brats.” ing how significantly the decision would impact her family. 

“As the middle child it was so nice to have my older brother there with me, and my cute younger sister,” Leelach said. “During the first summer at camp, when my mom was teaching and my father would come up to visit every Shabbat, the five of us sitting together at Kabbalat Shabbat was so special and memorable.”

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Ramah Leadership Initiative

The first cohort of the Ramah Leadership Initiative (RLI) is off to a great start. Todah rabbah to Brad Feinberg (Nivo 1990) and Micah Kafitz (Nivo 1994) for hosting the first two meetings. This new 2-year leadership development program offers Chicago-based Ramah Wisconsin alumni in their mid-20’s through mid-30’s opportunities to engage in community leadership, expand their professional networks and become community ambassadors for Ramah Wisconsin. We plan to launch Cohort 2 next summer. Stay tuned for more details! If you have questions about the program, would like to apply to be a participant of a future cohort or would like to volunteer as one of our hosts, please be in touch with Sam Caplan, scaplan@ramahwisconsin.com.


Reshet Ramah Hanukkah Happy Hour

Earlier this month, alumni in the Chicago area came together for a Hanukkah Happy Hour hosted by Reshet Ramah and Rabbi Ezra Balser and Laura Elkayam (both Nivonim 2001) at Silverstein Base Hillel's new South Loop site. Reshet Ramah events take place in many different cities and are open to alumni from all the Ramah camps. It's a great way to reconnect with Wisconsin Ramahniks and connect with other Ramah alumni. To find out about Reshet Ramah alumni events in your city, click here.

The Reshet Ramah website has a lot of great resources for Ramah alumni! Check out the alumni directory, the job board, the Ramah marriages registry and more.


Alumni Updates


  • Mazal Tov to Gabi Gershowitz (Nivonim 1997) and Jennifer Citak on their engagement.
  • Mazal Tov to Yaela Garr (Nivonim 1999) and Moshe Miller on their engagement.
  • Mazal Tov to Michael Kibort (Nivonim 1999) and Katrin Malkov on their engagement.

More Engagements


  • Mazal Tov to Hillary Wiseman (Nivonim 2000) and Andy Livingston on their wedding in October 2018.
  • Mazal Tov to Matthew Tepperman (Nivonim 2004) and Aaron Kornick on their wedding.
  • Mazal Tov to Rebeccah Singer (Nivonim 2007) and Lior Shrag (Nivonim 2006) on their wedding.

More Weddings


  • Mazal Tov to Jonathan Swaden (Nivonim 1995) and James Bekier on the birth of their daughter Jessie James.
  • Mazal Tov to Joey Shapiro (Nivonim 1996) and Naomi Blumberg (Nivonim 1992) on the birth of their son.
  • Mazal Tov to Blaine and Jeff Coppaken (Nivonim 1996) on the birth of their son Hayes Harden.

More Births

General Updates:

  • Click here to read an article about camp friendships by Caren Friedman (Nivonim 1992).
  • Click here to read an article about Base Hillel, including alumni Charles Cohen (Nivonim 1993), Rabbi Ezra Balser (Nivonim 2001) and Laura Elkayam (Nivonim 2001).
  • Mazal Tov to Ilana Gleicher-Bloom (Nivonim 1998) on receiving the 2018 Covenant Foundation Pomegranate Prize recognizing her work as a Jewish Educator.

More Updates


  • We share the sad news that Rabbi Sam Fraint passed away in October 2018. We extend our condolences to his wife Deena and children Hannah (Nivonim 1996), Zeke (Nivonim 1998), and Avram (Nivo 2000) A former Ramah Wisconsin Committee member and a Ramahnik himself, Rabbi Fraint was a wonderful supporter of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and Ramah Day Camp in his role as Rabbi of Moriah Congregation.
  • We share the sad news that Rabbi Michael Isaac Charney (camper in the 1960s) passed away in December 2018. We extend our condolences to his sons Adam and Brett, his former wife, Jamie Krakow and his extended family.
  • We share the sad news that Leslie Litman Gotlieb (Nivonim 1982) passed away in September 2018. We extend our condolences to her husband Paul, children Nate (Staff 2011-2012), Marlee (Nivonim 2010), Rachael (Nivonim 2011), and Isaac (Nivonim 2016), and the extended Gotlieb family. Leslie was a member of the Ramah Wisconsin Executive Committee and former chair of the Twin Cities Ramah Advisory Committee.
  • We share the sad news that Eli Abeles (Nivonim 1994) passed away in September 2018. We extend our condolences to his wife Stacy and their children and the entire Abeles Family.

Ramahnik Updates are a part of every issue of Beynenu so please let us know what's new with you! Send your update to: Alumni Coordinator Robin Rubenstein at rrubenstein@ramahwisconsin.com.

Did we get something wrong? Let us know so we can print a correction. We look forward to hearing from you!


Let's see those future Ramahniks! Contact Robin Rubenstein at rrubenstein@ramahwisconsin.com if you would like a "Future Ramahnik" onesie for your baby! Be sure to send pics when you receive it!


Ramah Runs

Join RAMAH RUNS for the Byline Bank Chicago Spring Half Marathon on May 19, 2019! RAMAH RUNS members receive complimentary race registration and will be part of an exciting team raising scholarship funds for campers in need! Email Sam at scaplan@ramahwisconsin.com for more info.


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Ramahniks at Hilary Wiseman's recent wedding.


Leave Your Mark

You still have the opportunity to leave your mark on the new Nivonim campus! Go to www.GivahCampaign.org to design your brick today and forever leave your mark at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin.  If you are interested in Hebrew engraved bricks, please contact Shaina at SSugar@ramahwisconsin.com or 312-690-8333. 


Check out www.givahcampaign.org for more information on the new campus and to take a 360 virtual reality tour of the original cabins!


Upcoming Events


Include Ramah in Your Celebration

Are you marking a special birthday or anniversary? Celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Running a marathon? Honoring or remembering a loved one? Now you can include Ramah in your special occasion. 


My.ramahwisconsin.com is a peer to peer fundraising program designed to provide current campers, parents, alumni and friends of Ramah with tools to help raise much-needed scholarship funds. The site offers personalized fundraising pages and provides inspiration every step of the way. For more info contact Sam Caplan, Chief Development Officer, at scaplan@ramahwisconsin.com or 312-690-8332.


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